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Why paying off your mortgage early will negatively impact your net worth

There is a growing trend of setting goals to target financial independence and retire early. It also feels like the first rule of achieveing this is to payoff your mortgage. Well, if you pay off your mortgage quicker you can have freedom and control over how you work and your life. Those that chase financial independence or financial freedom often site this as one thing to focus on.

As someone that has worked in the investment industry for over a decade, it still leaves me thinking if this is really the most efficient outcome for your net worth over time.

Journey from the depths of debt

Ms Sunshine was one of our very first MoneyNoters.  She came to us after spending years struggling with debt.  Here is her story.

£15,000! I finally had to come clean to my mum about my debt and as expected I could hear the disappointment in her voice as she repeated the numbers.