Five TED Talks Guaranteed to Change The Way You Think About Money

Five TED Talks Guaranteed to Change The Way You Think About Money

I have been a huge fan of TED Talks for a while now. The story telling, brevity, structure and delivery of the talks are so appealing.

Ideas discussed in most TED Talks are definitely worth spreading and a show that does an amazing job of this is the TED Radio Hour podcast hosted by Guy Raz. TED Radio Hour is based on the Talks delivered on the TED stage with each Radio Hour show picking up on and discussing a common theme like Fear, Food, Happiness and the list goes on. In the spirit of that amazing podcast, I have compiled a list of five talks which in total last about an hour and have been compiled to help change the way you think about money.

Five TED Talks Guaranteed to Change The Way You Think About Money #TED

Money TED Talk #1 - Let's Get Honest About Our Money Problems by Tammy Lally

Tammy had a painful family experience which she attributes to money shame. She explores our money beliefs and how most of us believe that their net worth equates to their self worth. Listen to this fascinating talk here

MoneyNotes Lesson: Self destructive and Self defeating financial behaviours are not driven by our rational logical minds instead they are a product of our subconscious belief system rooted in our childhood and can affect how we deal with money in our adult lives.

Money TED Talk #2 - Financial Literacy by Mellody Hobson

Mellody Hobson is an absolute inspiration and a phenomenal woman who is the President of Ariel Investments. Her desperation to understand money drove her to learn more about money. Listen to her amazing story here.

MoneyNotes Lesson: Take responsibility for yourself financially and get the education you need to know your money better.

Money TED Talk #3 - Saving for tomorrow, tomorrow by Shlomo Benartzi

Shlomo is a behavioural economist with focus on research into saving for retirements. In this talk he focuses on taking the money mistakes people make and turning such behavioural challenges to behavioural solutions check out his talk here

MoneyNotes Lesson: We frame saving or investment as a loss because we are usually reluctant to cut spending.

Money TED Talk #4 - One Life Changing Class You Never Took by Alexa von Tobel

Alexa is a true inspiration. Her childhood story reads pretty much like mine and her desire for financial sustainability lead her to found LearnVest. She shares some staggering statistics about personal finances in the US and stresses the importance of money as a lifeline. Watch her talk here

You can also listen to an in depth interview of her journey to found LearnVest on How I Built This by Guy Raz

MoneyNotes Lesson: We should focus on educating our kids about money at a young age so that they do not learn about it by trial and error.

Money TED Talk #5 - The Battle Between Your Present and Future Self by Daniel Goldstein

I always have a keen interest when it comes to the psychology of money and finances and as such really enjoyed this talk. Daniel is a cognitive psychologist. In this talk he uses the idea of a behavioural time machine to show people the impact of savings decision on your present or future self. Check it out here.

MoneyNotes Lesson: Find a way to build in the discipline of including your future self In your present financial decision making process.


I hope these talks have inspired you to take action and start getting those finances into a great shape. There are certain actions you must take

1. You can start with this 30-minute financial workout

2. Want to chat before you begin? Then why not sign up to our Money Chat

3. Or further your education through one of the books below


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