Get rich quick! Make six figures a month working just two days a week! Be a millionaire!

The internet is full of people promising to make you rich quick. That’s not what MoneyNotes is about.

You’re only ever as rich as your financial education. After all there’s hardly a shortage of stories about fabulously wealthy people who have quickly ended up bankrupt. That’s why rather than focusing on money making ‘secrets’, I want to give you the coaching you need to make your money work for you. The secret isn’t getting money. It’s about knowing how to manage and keep the money.

About me

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Cyprian Njamma

Hi, I’m Cyprian, also known as the Chief MoneyNoter

Who am I you may ask? A mathematics and science aficionado, husband, father, gym attempter, tutor, golf player (not a great one but I try) to name a few.  But in terms of my credentials that make me a good fit to educate you:

Oxford educated Astrophysicist turned financial expert (Actuary and Investment Director) so always applying my natural curiosity to unearth pitfalls in money matters

Over a decade of experience as an educator and coach, teaching maths, numeracy and financial literacy to students ranging from 11-plus candidates to qualified professionals, so effective and clear communication is at the heart of everything I deliver.

Over a decade working with large multinationals to help invest their assets so that their employees get a stable income in retirement. With portfolio sizes ranging from millions to billions. Do not let these large numbers put you off as, I bring the knowledge and the techniques applied at those levels to help educate you on your finances be it a penny or more.