Financial coaching and education to achieve wellbeing.

Better finances, better living

MoneyNotes is a financial education and coaching company. Using seminars, events, one to one and group sessions, I empower people to take the reins with their personal finances, enjoying the peace of mind, and all round better living that comes with being in control of your cash.

MoneyNotes was born out of a passion to educate people about their personal finances and help them to achieve all round better living.

I consistently came across lots of people who were focusing on getting their hands on money, but had no real idea how to manage it. With the right coaching you’ll find that it’s not just about working hard to make money, it’s about making money work for you.

Now, money isn’t everything, I truly get that. However, I’ve also witnessed first-hand the impact that issues around money such as debt and lack of savings can have on mental health and wellbeing and have made it our mission to address this.

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Who is the Chief MoneyNoter?

You’ve heard what MoneyNotes is but who’s the brains behind it? Want to know more about the Chief MoneyNoter and what they want to do for you?

About The Chief MoneyNoter

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